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Asfandyar demands removal of aviation minister for Malaysia incident

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YOURSAY | With emergency, Umno’s non-support for PM doesn’t matter ‘It looks like Muhyiddin has effectively cancelled Umno AGM scheduled for Jan 31.’ Yoursay 4 h ago 4

Malaysia - Floods update (AHA Centre, Al Jazeera, MET Malaysia) (ECHO Daily Flash of 15 January 2021)

Malaysia impounds PIA plane

PPP demands resignation of aviation minister


PIA passenger plane 'held back' at Malaysia airport

Malaysia’s internet regulator deactivates Twitter account after offensive tweets exposed

‘Vehicle was swaying left and right’: Malaysian trapped in bus during Pahang flood recounts experience

List of locations affected by Covid-19 (Jan 16) Malaysiakini Team 31 m ago

MCO: Traders urge govt to consider allowing night markets to open

Malaysian national named as Central Otago drowning victim

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Malaysian man drowns in New Zealand

Minister be removed over PIA plane issue: Asfand

Minister be removed over PIA plane issue: Asfandyar

Rong360 Big Data Institute: Mortgage Credit Availability Loosened at End-2020;National Mortgage Rates Drop 31BPs on Year

Pakistan International Airlines plane seized in Malaysia

Night market traders want govt to lift ban during MCO M Fakhrull Halim 3 h ago 13

Malaysia initiates legal action against EU following anti-palm oil campaign Bernama 1h ago

Malaysia declares Covid-19 state of emergency until 1 August

PIA: Pakistan national carrier plane ‘impounded’ in Malaysia

Malaysia to file WTO lawsuit against EU

Paid traineeship positions open for applications for the EU in Malaysia

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Bursa Malaysia ends lower as risk sentiment wanes (Updated)

Malaysia initiates legal action against EU following anti-palm oil campaign

The Business Research Company’s Suggestion And Analysis On The Global Construction Market 2020

Registration for Covid-19 vaccination opening soon - minister Bernama 9 h ago 7

Norweigan Seafood Council reports on seafood consumption in Malaysia

Malaysian medical glove exports face more delays amid shipping container shortage

PIA plane 'impounded' in Malaysia over $14 million lease dispute

MP SPEAKS | 12th Malaysia Plan our first illegitimate 5-year plan? Lim Kit Siang 8 h ago

UPDATED 8.26PM | List of locations affected by Covid-19 (Jan 15) Malaysiakini Team 10 h ago 1

ADUN SPEAKS | Ilogical to whitewash an illegitimate PM's actions Howard Lee Chuan How 7 h ago 2

Embarrassment for national airline as Malaysian authorities seize PIA plane

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TOP STORY Deputy health minister: Private hospitals agree to treat Covid-19 patients MOH to have another round of meeting with APHM and other stakeholders in the near future. 46 m ago 2

Ben Corpus, Higher Education Executive and Consultant, Believes Change is Here: The Need for Income Sharing Agreements

PIA passenger aircraft 'held back' in Malaysia as part of legal dispute

Registration for Covid-19 vaccination to open soon, says health minister

Malaysia’s new Covid-19 cases stay near peak with 3,211 more infections, 8 deaths

US govt blacklists Xiaomi, CNOOC, Skyrizon, raising heat on China

PIA plane 'held back' by Malaysian authorities over UK court case

YOURSAY | ‘Malaysia is a sorry case, inefficiency is promoted’ ‘The state this nation is in is all due to the incompetent PM and his bunch of politicians…’. Yoursay 3 h ago 11

Malaysia, Flood in Serawak (21:45 Jan 12 2021)

Optometry industry says they are essential, urge govt to let them operate Spectacles are essential items for many in the lockdown period, say optometrists. Low Choon Chyuan 4 h ago 26