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Update: Tue, Sep 19 2017    

Bid to reclassify some ‘Thai-only’ jobs

The Ministry of Labour will hold a public hearing on a proposal to review the rules and regulations on 39 jobs currently reserved for Thai nationals.

Environmental groups call for ban on toxic pesticides

Environmental groups staged a nationwide protest against the use of toxic pesticides and herbicides for the sake of consumer safety.

Forum seeks ways to help nation’s ‘lost’ children

MORE THAN 3 million vulnerable children in Thailand are waiting for help and support.

Warnings about past mistakes amid lack of detail in Chao Phraya Basin water plan

THE GOVERNMENT should carefully study water-management plans and allow local people to get involved in projects’ review and planning processes, academics have said, warning that otherwise the projects would result in the same problems that troubled previous governments.

Schoolgirl, 9, sent for rehabilitation as two motorcycle taxi drivers arrested on repeated sexual assault charges

A NINE-YEAR-OLD Buri Ram schoolgirl, who allegedly was sexually molested for nearly two years by two motorcycle taxi drivers, was admitted to a rehabilitation programme yesterday.

Silpakorn University probes ‘inappropriate’ hazing rituals

Silpakorn University is to investigate allegations that an initiation ritual over the weekend included inappropriate activities.

Call for inquiry into Bt350m blimp

Social activist Srisuwan Janya filed a complaint with the Office of the Auditor-General on Monday, asking it to investigate Interior Minister and former Army chief General Anupong Paochinda over the Bt350-million airship that was recently decommissioned after only eight years in service.

Foundation slams ex-members for collecting donations   

General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, as president of a foundation under his own name, on Monday condemned a group of people who he said used the foundation’s name without authorisation to get donations.

Soldiers injured in Yala bomb ambush recovering in hospital

Four security officers who were seriously injured in the last Thursday bomb ambush in Yala remain under close medical surveillance in hospital.

New batch of late King commemorative coins big hit

The second batch of commemorative coins minted for the funeral of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej have proved very popular after being available for reservations on Monday.

Police set to charge student with animal cruelty for ‘poisoning’ dog

Police will charge a medical student, who allegedly poisoned his dog to get compensation, with animal cruelty once they receive the full test results on the dog.

Uttaradit school director accused of sexual assault

A 47-year-old teacher in Uttaradit has accused her school director of drunkenly molesting her on numerous occasions.

Off to the wild for 50 animals bred in captivity

The Wildlife Conservation Bureau will on Wednesday release 50 animals of four species from a wildlife breeding station into Mae Wong National Park in Nakhon Sawan.

Tobacco giant criticises new tax; border controls tightened to prevent smuggling

AUTHORITIES tightened border controls to prevent smuggling while a leading international tobacco company yesterday urged the government to improve the structure of the tobacco tax to meet global standards after a new excise tax took effect over the weekend, raising the retail price of cigarettes and alcohol.

Cabinet to consider Chao Phraya Basin water plan

More flooding looms as experts point out issues with Bt200-bn proposed projects.

Anti-Sotus page alleges sexual abuse of Silpakorn U freshmen

SEXUAL HARASSMENT and verbal abuse during the freshmen welcoming ceremony of the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts at Silpakorn University have been reported by incoming students.

Northeastern mental-health clubs help children with special needs

More than 70 per cent of children with special needs in seven Northeastern provinces have not received treatment partly because their parents feel ashamed of bringing them out of their homes.

Dispute over fish ladders to save species

Advocates argue scaly fish can pass through river barriers

‘Nong Than’ leads the way from her wheelchair

EVERY DAY, a young woman in a wheelchair has been serving happiness to patients who need moral support at the World Medical Hospital.

‘Stateless’ students granted citizenship under new policy

Some 548 formerly “stateless” students, who were born to ethnic minorities or displaced persons residing in Thailand before 1999, were granted citizenship at a ceremony presided over by Grisada Boonrach, the Permanent Secretary for the Interior on September 12, Grisada gave each student a National Id Card .