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Quick conclusion needed in King Power case

Eyes of the world will be on judiciary to see how they deal with charges against Leicester city club owners 

Dealing with the homework pandemic

Believe it or not, homework, not smog or housing prices, is causing nervous breakdowns for Chinese parents. Chinese social media are full of stories about neighbours hearing parents yelling while helping their children with homework.

‘Hidden fire’ of intolerance among Indonesia’s young

Survey results show threat to motto of ‘unity in diversity’

San Francisco comfort women statue could end sister-city ties with Osaka

A private organisation formed by citizens of Chinese ancestry set up a statue depicting comfort women on private property in San Francisco in the United States.

A brazen attempt to muzzle democracy in Cambodia

Decision by the Supreme Court to ban the country’s only credible opposition party makes a mockery of justice

The fate of the Buddha’s begging bowl

One of the most revered relics in the ancient Buddhist world was the Buddha’s begging bowl.

Beijing finally agrees to discuss South China Sea; what’s left to discuss?

The agreement between Asean leaders and China to finally begin negotiations on a Code of Conduct for the South China Sea was a positive outcome at the end of Asian Summits this week.

Year-end shopping sprees aren’t ideal economics

Tax incentives might boost holiday spending, but the government has to be more far-sighted

Xi’s man lands in North Korea seeking breakthrough in nuclear stand-off

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s special envoy landed in North Korea yesterday amid rising international pressure for Pyongyang to halt its nuclear weapons programme.

Human trafficking ‘rife’ in Rohingya camps: aid agencies

Widowed and alone 21-year-old Umme Kulthum had hoped for a fresh start in Bangladesh, but was forced into prostitution instead, falling victim to what aid groups and officials say is a growing trafficking scourge targeting refugees.

Trump’s ‘America First’ could torpedo Asia’s free-trade instincts

As a metaphor for the wisdom of turning swords into ploughshares there could have been no better venue for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) forum than Danang.

Cambodian opposition dissolved, democracy evaporates  

Cambodia’s Supreme Court yesterday ruled to dissolve the main opposition party, ending the only existing electoral threat to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s grip on power in the kingdom.

A better approach to debt management

Fresh legislation promises to improve Thailand’s capacity to control the economy, though there are drawbacks

Savouring the rhetoric of Kim Jong-un

Not since the days of Saddam Hussein have connoisseurs of florid rhetoric enjoyed such a feast as the one currently being laid on by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Modern slavery and child labour: Asia’s unacceptable record

Sixty two per cent of the victims of modern slavery and 40 per cent of the child labourers around the world are in Asia and the Pacific.

One of history’s cruellest turns

Aung San Suu Kyi, who once condemned Asean’s refusal to get involved in members’ internal affairs, now embraces it 

Cambodia’s opposition counts down the hours to dissolution

Strongman Hun Sen confident that judge – a senior member of his party – will rule to eliminate election rival today

Rohingya exodus leaves ghostland but US says sanctions won’t help

Torched villages and unharvested paddy fields stretch to the horizon in Myanmar’s violence-gutted Rakhine state, where a dwindling number of Muslim Rohingya remain trapped in limbo after an army crackdown coursed through the region.

Some questions in response to the PM’s six questions

Have you responded to the six questions posed by Premier Prayut Chan-o-cha?

Prayut in the driver’s seat as election countdown begins

Politics has returned to front pages in a hurry. Stressed as we might be, it’s difficult to blame anyone, because one year is a short rehearsal time for a general election, especially if you are Prayut Chan-o-cha, his opponents Pheu Thai, its opponents the Democrat Party, and all the supporting cast.