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Army balloon deflated, QUESTIONS remain

The surveillance dirigible that cost us at least Bt400 million provided zero assistance in calming the troubled South

N Korean missiles passing over Japan must not become routine

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile over the Japanese archipelago again. The missile flew over Hokkaido and fell into the Pacific Ocean about 2,200 kilometres east of Erimomisaki cape.

Jack Ma’S dilemma – money, power and glory

The advocate of small-time businesses can’t stop the skyrocketing growth of his empire

Opportunity and challenge before Singapore’s president

Putting controversy over her election behind her, Halimah Yacob has her work cut out, but she can rise to the occasion

Lessons on emissions trading from California

With China set to launch an emission trading system (ETS) nationwide to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, its policymakers could learn a thing or two from California.

Leading the drive towards a national cryptocurrency

The Chinese authorities last week announced they were shutting down bitcoin exchanges.

Tapping the potential of China-US farm trade

My discovery on a trip last week to Bozeman, Montana, was not nearby Yellowstone National Park, but the huge potential for China-US agricultural trade and cooperation.

Sanctions alone won't change North Korea

Pyongyang needs to realise recalcitrant behaviour will not ensure survival of the regime

A fallen icon – How Suu Kyi lost her way

Myanmar is wallowing in the throes of a hideous anniversary again – the violent persecution of its Rohingya population.

A ringside view of the passing of the Soviet Era and the return of Russia

I HAVE OFTEN been asked when and how long my posting in Moscow was. My usual answer is about three years, from 1991 to early 1994 with a qualified clarification: one year of Gorbachev and two years of Yeltsin.

Let’s all board the same train

Thailand is striking a careful balance in its relations with China and Japan, the future of which might rest on high-speed railways 

Can Mongolians heal their dismembered Buddhism?

The Soviet era saw monks murdered and monasteries destroyed. Now religious revival is threatened by new regional superpower

Living at the edge of chaos

This month, two Category 4 (“major) hurricanes hit the United States within 17 days of each other. In Asia, North Korea is threatening nuclear Armageddon, and floods and famine have put thousands of lives at risk from Bangladesh to Yemen. How can one survive in this chaotic era?

If not Myanmar's, whose responsibility is it?

Aung San Suu Kyi's opting out of the UN General Assembly session is a reflection of the same hiding syndrome that made the Rakhine state out of bounds for UN staff, aid agencies and the media for a long while. Then they gave a conducted tour of the burning villages claiming they were set ablaze, not in pursuit of a scorched earth policy but by the departing Rohingya Muslims. Warped logic!

Rohingya issue demands just response

The Rohingya issue has erupted into a full-blown humanitarian crisis.

Conserving SE Asia’s seas

The United Nations’ call to conserve and sustainably develop the oceans perhaps resonates most with Southeast Asia than in any other part of the world.

A flawed but potentially helpful plan

The revamped welfare system coming into effect next month is a step towards managing the healthcare deficit

Let’s see the junta’s exit strategy

Bhichai is in a sharing mood, but Thailand will make no progress until democratic institutions are restored

Ethnic cleansing in the name of Buddha

Buddhism is a religion of peace; all religions are. Although most worshippers are born into a religion, many in the West have embraced Buddhism as a lifestyle, impressed by the philosophical teachings of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and the all-inclusive ideology.

German birthplace of Nazis’ V2 rocket embraces hard right

The German town of Peenemuende, population 250, has no school, no supermarket and none of the refugees who have streamed into the country in the last two years.