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Pyongyang overestimating its strength, misunderstanding peril 

If the risks surrounding the Korean Peninsula were perceived to be dangerously high, it is because of the fear that anything could happen at any time in the tense standoff that developed between Washington and Pyongyang.

Count on France to save the EU

Recognising the value of interdependence, most voters are unlikely to embrace the divisive far right

Biggest development project in history is challenging US-led order

The Belt and Road Initiative is not about economics, but about expanding China’s strategic and political influence at America’s expense

US Embassy treats Thai visa applicants like crime suspects

Thailand and the US have been allies since 1818. But US people in Thailand are treated much better by the Thai government than Thai people are treated by the US Embassy.

Hints in Syria that human race could be doomed  

Re: “Children paying a heavy price in war-torn regions”, Editorial, April 23.

The sorry saga of Tarit Pengdith

Re: “Ex-DSI chief Tarit sacked for being ‘unusually rich’”, National, April 25.

The modern myth of man as meat-eater

The diet/health debate continues to emerge from time to time and currently with the contretemps between Mssrs Turk and Bahrt. Points of view seem to be based only on reports from doctors and dietary experts. There is no reference to physiological facts.

Thai democracy missing more than just a revolution plaque

What differentiates democracy from other political systems is that it doesn’t really need a symbol.

More Beasley children on the way

Re: “Test result awaited in semen case”, National, April 23.

Move to protect US steelmakers is against norms of world trade

Announcing that the United States will investigate whether foreign steel imports harm the country's national security, US President Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross have sent an unmistakable message to the big US steelmakers that they will protect them.

Verdict in Sharif case points to endemic institutional faults

It had all the makings of a landmark judicial case: a serving prime minister and his family accused of corruption; the petitioners representing an array of political opposition; the hearings initiated by a chief justice of Pakistan, who intervened to prevent a potentially catastrophic political confrontation in Islamabad;

Surrogacy problem sneaks across the border

Last week’s arrest of a semen smuggler seems to underline regional inconsistency on commercialised parenthood

When healthcare is ailing

I’ve just read the heartbreaking story of the widower father who has to sell his house to pay for his seriously ill daughter’s hospital costs.

Dieticians can be way off the mark

In the Sunday Nation (April 23), Ms Dennet, a registered dietician, informed that healthy eating and an active lifestyle don’t guarantee a longer life (diabetes and heart disease mentioned). I concur, but that’s only because mainstream healthy-eating advice is “fatally” flawed.

Nibbling at both sides of the apple

It seems Thomas Turk likes to have it both ways. First, in a letter responding to “The China Study”, which promotes a vegan diet, Turk notes that the author is not a medical doctor. 

Academic concerned over privileges to investors for Eastern Economic Corridor

Re: ‘Second-class citizens’ after EEC, Front page, April 24

Asia needs ‘thinking’ media to avoid ‘Arab Spring’ chaos 

In December last year two UN agencies – UNDP and Unesco – organised a gathering in Bangkok called “Case 4 Space” where young activist communicators from Asia were brought together and largely addressed by westerners on how to demand space for their voices to be heard.

Myanmar tweaks policy  towards major powers

The nld government is forging new equations with China, Russia and the US

Shared bikes perfect example of win-win mode of transport

China used to be called the “Kingdom of Bicycles” in the 1980s because bikes were the most popular mode of transport for Chinese people at the time. Thanks to the fast development of infrastructure over the years, cars, buses and the metro have become the preferred mode of transport for most Chinese in cities today.

Was it ‘fall’ or ‘liberation’ of Saigon?

I recently visited the Reunification Palace – the former South Vietnamese presidential palace – in Ho Chi Minh City for the first time in many years. It reminded me of events of 1989, when I was a student, and specifically something I wrote in a report on the Vietnam War.