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Exploding the stereotype of China’s exploitation in Africa

No matter how many roads, schools and hospitals it has built on the continent, and how much it has contributed to African economies, in the eyes of many observers in the West, China can do nothing right in Africa.

Election year befogged by suspicion

Prime Minister Prayut must promptly clarify what he means by ‘Thai-style democracy’

Why imprisoned Ahok remains the man to watch in Indonesian politics

Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama has become the Kim Kardashian of Indonesian politics. Nearly a year after his upset defeat in the capital’s gubernatorial election and his controversial blasphemy conviction, the former Jakarta governor has never been completely out of the spotlight.

A message of deepest gratitude to a great media veteran

I have stage fright. To people who know me or who have ever seen me speak in public, that’s probably one of my worst-kept secrets. Not that Suthichai Yoon cared, though. Among the many achievements of one of Thailand’s best-known and most respected veteran journalists was forcing me in front of a TV camera.

World leader in porn watching

Rohingya children must be protected

We are appalled to learn that there are an estimated 40,000 orphans among the 300,00 children in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Tall order as Singapore takes Asean chair

Between multilateral trade and the Rohingya calamity, PM Lee will need all the ‘resilience and innovation’ he can muster

China turns its back on foreign waste

At the end of last year China introduced a policy banning imports of 24 types of solid waste, including certain types of plastic and all mixed-paper.

China’s provocations near Senkakus undermine improved bilateral ties

It is an act that needlessly raises tensions between Japan and China, and it cannot be ignored.

Time-sharing economy lived up to its name

Perhaps there is no term as popular, yet controversial, as “sharing economy” to be the buzzword for 2017 in China. Just as the first sentence in “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, for the sharing economy in 2017.

An urgent agenda for the country

These real national missions must have zero politicisation

Politicians and their love of soothsayers 

Whatever people might think about Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan’s words and antics, nobody can deny that he brings a lot of colour and macho swagger to politics.

Weighed down by work in Hong Kong 

JOB-RELATED stress taking a toll on locals amid lack of laws to deal with the malady

Seoul must not weaken stance on North Korea

It’s not as if there has been concrete progress toward resolving the issue of North Korea’s nuclear and missile development. The international community must not loosen the net encircling North Korea both militarily and economically.

Lessons for Thailand from Rohingya ordeal

There is a lurking danger in letting religious fundamentalists become too powerful

Islamic State a threat to SE Asia despite leader’s death, analysts say

The reported death of Islamic State’s top leader in Southeast Asia is a major blow to the jihadists but analysts warn it remains a potent threat, with battle-hardened fighters set to return from the Middle East.

‘Me too’ beyond the red carpet

As stirring as the Golden Globes protest was, the fight against sexual harassment needs foot soldiers in every walk of life

The real Thucydides Trap

The year began with two nuclear-armed leaders arguing about whose button is bigger. 

Myanmar army changes tack with Rohingya killings admission

Military likely had no choice after arrest of journalists failed to staunch leak  – but only 10 deaths accounted for among ‘thousands of killings’  

Protectionism meets reds-under-the-bed paranoia

The “last minute” decision by US telecoms carrier AT&T to drop a partnership deal with Huawei Technologies to sell the Chinese brand’s smartphones in the United States, as reported on Wednesday, is the result of political pressure rather than business considerations.