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Why Uber is losing out in Southeast Asia

By any measure, the April 2016 decision by Uber Technologies Incorporated to sell its China operations to rival Didi Chuxing was a defeat.

North Korea has a widening Russian loophole

There are increasing signs that Russia and North Korea – former Cold War allies – are getting closer to each other. This could change geopolitics in the region and affect the international endeavours to stop Pyongyang’s nuclear belligerence. 

In Asia, the Fed still rules

For all the talk of America’s decline and China’s rise, Asians still seem obsessed with events in one corner of Washington: the Federal Reserve. 

A measure of fairness in ‘one more appeal’

The Supreme Court may no longer have the final say with its verdicts, but the judiciary will benefit

The good, bad and ugly in Duterte’s state of nation address

About half an hour in, President Duterte’s 2017 State of the Nation Address got ugly. For what must have been the first time in our history, gratuitous cusswords punctuated a presidential speech delivered to Congress.

A path through minefield of Kim’s nuclear endgame

North Korea chose July 4, America’s Independence Day, to declare it had successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. What is self-evident now is that Pyongyang’s weapons programmes pose a clear and present danger to the world community. Mutual blame games aside, North Korea’s nuclear threats are no longer local, but global. 

Teen’s death illuminates state hospital woes

Whether the boy died of a ‘rare’ ailment or from waiting too long, changes are needed 

Off southern Africa, an underwater diamond rush

A vast mechanical monster rises from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Namibia, leaving a huge swell in its wake as seawater pours off its surface.

President Trump, give us the full story on JFK’s assassination

Later this year – unless President Donald Trump intervenes – the world will get access to the last of thousands of secret government files about a turning point in the nation’s history: the 1963 assassination of President John F Kennedy.

Thai-Chinese rail project: The arduous task of finding ‘win-win’ formula

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in town earlier this week and, to nobody’s surprise, the main topic he raised with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was the Thai-Chinese railway project.

Jakarta’s weapon against subversion

Indonesia’s decision to disband the Muslim hardline group Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) is a welcome admission of the threat which extremist groups pose to the plural society and the unitary politics of Southeast Asia’s largest nation. 

No way to treat a guest

The government’s decree on foreign labourers amounted to a massive show of disrespect that only demeans Thailand

FAQs on the homestretch of Yingluck’s trial

When you enter an amusement park, the loud noises emanating from its most thrilling ride will stir feelings of excitement.

Why tiny Bhutan should take the lead in the China-India dispute

The disputed Sino-Indian border, long a source of intermittent clashes, is once again the focus of a confrontation that sees Chinese and Indian troops facing off, this time in an area claimed by Bhutan.

It’s still OJ’s America. Nothing has changed

For nearly a quarter-century, OJ Simpson has served as a referendum on some American flashpoint: race, class, domestic violence, justice, California, celebrity.

Why the Germans blew it at Dunkirk

The military mystery behind Christopher Nolan’s World War II blockbuster

A ‘social contract’ we’re forced to sign

In pushing for reconciliation, the junta distorts an esteemed democratic fundamental 

US, China should be committed to stable global economic growth

Trade friction between the world’s two largest economies could undermine stable global growth. Both countries are urged to act with awareness of their responsibility.

Myanmar refugees on Thai border – a forgotten people 

ON THE UN-designated World Refugee Day on June 20, I visited Nu Po refugee camp, which has a population of about 10,000, in a mountainous area of northwestern Thailand.

Bearing the burden of undefined privileges

The sentencing of two editors to one year jail terms in the southern Indian state of Karnataka for alleged breach of legislative privilege draws into focus the role of the press in reporting activities of lawmakers.