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We already know what happens when you allow soldiers to rule

Re: “PM asks people not to hate military”, the Nation, yesterday.

Globalism is a conspiracy – but not a Jewish one

Re: “JC flirting dangerously with ant-Semitic conspiracy theories”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

These gutsy gladiators need an arena of their own 

Re: “The science behind veganism is solid”, “Digging deeper into Dr Dean Ornish’s therapy for cancer” and “Path to obesity sign-posted by four letters – HFCS,” Have Your Say, yesterday.

Let poor schools follow the example of rich temples 

Re: “Boost underfunded Thai schools by floating entry fees”, Letters, June 22, 2017.

Buffet of diet information leading to indigestion

Being an average, uncomplicated human I consume food for the same reasons as the large majority of planet’s population.

China’s bullying is only firing Taiwanese defiance 

The decision by Panama to establish a diplomatic link with China has set Taiwan further adrift in the global arena. Panama’s defection from Taiwan leaves barely 20 countries that still recognise the island, all using its formal name the Republic of China.

Action needed to halt Trump’s trigger finger

Southeast Asia could play a pivotal role in getting the United States and North Korea to cool down and talk

PM bullies country girl for swivelling hips, ignores hi-so killers

Re: “Things we learned from Lamyai, the (latest) dirty dancer”, The Nation, yesterday.

Path to obesity sign-posted by four letters – HFCS

Re: “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right”, Have Your Say, June 15.

Digging deeper into Dr Dean Ornish’s therapy for cancer

Re: “Diet books mostly aimed at fattening writers’ bank accounts”, Letters, yesterday.

The science behind veganism is solid

Re: “When it comes to cancer, listen carefully for quacks”, Have Your Say, June 19.

JC flirting dangerously with anti-Semitic conspiracy rhetoric 

Re: “To find out who rules you, ask who you can’t criticise”, Have Your Say, June 15.

Boost underfunded Thai schools by floating entry fees

While I condemn the practice of offering school places in exchange for “tea money” (“Samsen school director admits being in video”, National, yesterday), the fact is that a quality education costs a small fortune in paying for quality teachers, small classes, equipment, etc.

Singapore must expose festering wound to public scrutiny

Singaporeans are profoundly perturbed that a private dispute involving Lee Kuan Yew’s estate has been turned into a national issue by serious allegations of “abuse of power” made by members of the Lee family.

What’s needed to avoid another Grenfell catastrophe

When safety measures are ignored, a horrifying blaze like the one in London could recur anywhere

Trump must offer North Korea peaceful resolution

In Kim Jong-un, the stubborn, boastful US president meets his match, but now we have a US student dead

Military intelligence knows all about Sick Building Syndrome

Re: “Officials seek to curb problems associated with high-rise condos, Sick Building Syndrome”, The Nation, June 18.

Yingluck claims anti-graft body meddling with her witnesses

Re: “Anti-graft body investigating my witnesses, Yingluck tells to court”, The Nation, yesterday.

Bribery not confined to Thai schools – just ask Trump’s son-in-law 

Re: “Probe launched into ‘tea money’ allegation at famous Bangkok school”, The Nation, June 19.

Diet books mostly aimed at fattening writers’ bank accounts

If Somsak Pola would do two minutes of Internet research he could find enlightenment on this topic. Dr Dean Ornish put heart patients on a vegetarian diet that was mostly, but not totally, vegan.