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Should cyclists pay to gain respect on the road?

Every time I go out on my bicycle, I prepare for rain, a flat tyre and possible death.

Generous to the military, a miser towards suffering civilians 

In August last year the Thai Air Force bought two Russian planes, each costing US$34 million, as transport for bigwigs.

Pattaya a foul boil on backside of Thailand

Can someone tell me what the big secret about Pattaya is – and why it even exists?

Would Stephff have courage to blast Trump in person?

I have a very direct question for “Stephff”: Would you have the necessary courage, standing in front of Donald Trump, to call him a moron?  

Now is a good time to take stock of your health 

Just as the diligent grocer takes an inventory of his stock and sales as the year turns, patients with chronic conditions can take this opportunity to check on their bill of health.

We’re ignoring the risks on the Mekong

Mum on the dams, Thailand backs China’s blasting plan, a danger to wildlife that could shift our border

Duterte’s ‘defection’ to China is all hype – so far

For all its fury and high drama, President Rodrigo Duterte’s declared foreign policy shift from the American to the Chinese-Russian orbit is still in the realm of acoustics: more bark than bite.

As globalisation burns, its leaders meet in freezing Davos

Chief supporters meet at a time when system they shaped is most under threat

Trump’s criticism of Japan on trade is out of date

It seems US President-elect Donald Trump’s way of thinking is no different to that of the era in which there was overheated trade friction between Japan and the United States. His criticism of Japan, based on the old yardstick regarding trade deficits as an absolute evil, cannot be ignored.

Reveal lurid sex videos 

Re: “Trump digs deep rift with crucial intelligence services before taking office”, World, January 14.

Boycott is best response 

JC Wilcox, true to form, persists with the rather strange notion that if you waffle often enough, people will start to believe the tripe.

Prophetic words

As one looks at the state of politics around the world today, the words of William Hague, former leader of the UK’s Conservative Party and Foreign Secretary in David Cameron’s government, have never rung more true:

All accidents are tragic, no matter who the victims are

Inconsistent outrage and ‘seasonal’ law enforcement must end

Can Davos diplomacy warm the relationship between the US and China?

Xi Jinping will this week become the first Chinese President to attend the annual gathering of business and political leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. 

TPP demise sounds no death knell

The final doomsday countdown has begun for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Cobra Gold 2017: Trump’s first move in SEA

On February 14 when Admiral Harry B. Harris of US Pacific Command launches the 36th Cobra Gold joint exercise at Uta-pao airbase, it would send a strong signal to the international community that the US remains engaged strategically in the region as before, especially with its long standing friend and ally of nearly 200 years.

Will US democracy survive the Trump presidency? 

Even with his inauguration as US President still forthcoming, Donald Trump has appointed his son-in-law as his Senior Adviser. He also refused to divest himself from his business holdings, but shifted all his assets into the care of a trust managed by his two sons.

Tillerson’s bares dangerous animosity toward China

It remains a question whether United States President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Rex Tillerson, the former Exxon Mobil Corp chairman and chief executive, as secretary of state will get through Senate scrutiny.

Putin not aggressor? Yeah right.

Clara Holzer writes (letters, Jan 8) that Russian President Putin is not involved in wars of aggression.

Super committee looks OK

I was amused to see the super committee headline adjacent a photo I presumed to be the SC, where the members looked very familiar.