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Japan’s ‘Battleship island’ haunted by ghosts of its past

The haunting silhouette of “Battleship Island” rises up from the sea, an abandoned testament to what was once the most densely populated city on earth.

Can political Islam support democratisation?

The question of whether Islam is compatible with democracy has been discussed for decades.

United States should deport 100,000 Thais

Re: “Undocumented Thais in US fear new crackdown”, National, yesterday. 

Dhammakaya and the middle path

Past governments made a grave mistake in allowing the Dhammakaya sect to build a temple on a site that covers the equivalent of 900 football pitches when a typical Buddhist temple would fit on two to four. 

The question about Trump toilets

Re: “What’s Trump getting from China?” Opinion & Analysis, yesterday.

Mickey Mouse electricity by snowflake dreamers

Re: “Krabi coal plant is the wrong energy solution”, Letters, yesterday.

Taiwan now a pawn in US game

Stephen Young, former director of the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), announced last week the United States would station a Marine Guard at the new AIT office compound in Taipei scheduled to open later this year.

Global stability demands US-China cooperation

Beijing might be in the best position to ease Donald Trump from his isolationism and belligerence

To fight suppression, the press must set even higher standards

It was an eerie feeling but nevertheless quite real. While brainstorming with my fellow Thai journalists last week on how to put a stop to the government’s emerging “command-and-control” effort against press freedom, I was reminded of a similar battle our American counterparts are facing against a president who is “confrontational, provocative, subversive and downright unapologetic”.

The age of resistance (by microbes)

In the short story “Micro-age” (1998), science fiction writer Cixin Liu imagines a distant future where a faction of humans downsize themselves through genetic engineering to the size of bacteria.

N Korea employs old tactic after assassination

It’s nothing new for North Korea to tell bold lies after committing a vile terrorist act. 

Mideast becoming a nuclear playground for tyrants

Re: “The risk of aligning against Iran”, Editorial, yesterday.

Krabi coal plant is the wrong energy solution  

Sad to hear that Thai industry executives still have their heads in the sand of 100 years ago and are voting for coal-powered electricity in southern Thailand.

Wife-blaming – the classic macho excuse

Time and again the wife has been used as a ready alibi for a man’s errant behaviour. Recently we heard it straight from the mouth of Philippine National Police Chief Ronald dela Rosa. “One of the major reasons why a cop ends up corrupt – why he looks for extra income through illegal means – is because of the wife.”

The Gulf of Thailand as communal trash bin

Merely careless or not caring at all, we toss aside plastic wrappers and create a sea monster that threatens our future

Slum sister bids farewell 

Joan Evans, the Aussie nun celebrated for her work in the Klong Toei slum, has returned to Perth, but in ‘Rong Moo’  she will not be forgotten

Hole is where the heart is for China’s last cave dwellers

High in the misty hills of southwestern China, an hour’s hike from any road, the lowing of livestock echoes through Zhongdong village, where a group of 18 families live inside an enormous natural cave.

The risk of aligning against Iran

Washington must think carefully about heeding Saudi and Israeli calls to strike Tehran again economically

Can a democracy elect a dictator?

Picture Prime Minister Prayut slamming major Thai and international news outlets as “enemies of the people”.

‘English playgrounds’ to nurture international Thai workforce 

I am not a native English speaker, but was born and raised in a multilingual home on a former Dutch colony, 9,000 kilometres from Thailand, with 40 to 50 nationalities.