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Gratitude when none is expected

In the wake of the cave rescue, it’s important to keep alive memories of the sacrifices made

Tax on online trade needed promptly

Thailand could lose a significant amount of e-commerce income without an effective law that’s effectively enforced

Secrecy in RCEP trade deal threatens Asian democracies

Negotiators from 16 Asian countries meet in Bangkok this week to try to finalise a massive trade deal, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

Why Sweden is the world’s finest home for families

With respect to Erica Komisar’s op-ed “The Human Cost of the world’s most famous welfare state” (The Nation, July 13) I believe the author has missed the greater point of Sweden’s comprehensive family-leave and childcare policies.

What Steven Spielberg got wrong about wildlife

Bunta was brave and rebellious. The five-year-old loved to show who’s the boss among the inhabitants of the Conservation Response Unit – a sanctuary for tamed wildlife in eastern Aceh.

A grossly offensive – and predictable – response

In seeking to pass the blame, Deputy PM Prawit has deeply wounded the Chinese families of victims from the Phuket disaster 

Snack robots offer a taste of China’s automaton revolution 

Along a quiet residential street on the outer edges of Beijing, a yellow and black cube about the size of a small washing machine trundles leisurely to its destination.

The revolting Aussies building empires in their homes

Inside Australia’s micronations boom, where kings rule from their living rooms

A world without America Cod Satrusayang

On Tuesday, the European Union and Japan signed an economic partnership agreement in Tokyo following a summit meeting in the Japanese capital.

Blockchain promises rich harvest for farmers

If you’ve been hearing about blockchain but don’t quite understand what exactly it is and how it could affect people’s lives, worry not – 99 per cent of the public is in the same boat. 

Panglong keeps hopes alive in Myanmar

Peace and reconciliation remain a long way off, but at least the warring sides are talking

Defusing fake-news bombs amid real barrages in Syria

Old images, fiction films and even video games have all been used to spread fake news stories in war-torn Syria – creating all the more work for a media collective debunking them.

Meet the Japanese hacker training a generation of female cyberwarriors

Asuka Nakajima is a “white hat hacker”. Also described as cyberhijackers working for justice, white hat hackers seek out faults in personal computer software to identify possible security holes.

Cave accident reveals togetherness of accidental humans 

Place Donald Trump, Prayut Chan-o-cha, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg in a room together and they wouldn’t agree on many things. That goes for the rest of us too – from football lovers split into rival groups of fans with mutual hatred for each other, to believers in God who kill each other over whose version of the Supreme Being is better.

Room for half a million more

It’s not just the two boys and the coach plucked from the cave who deserve to be Thai citizens

Death by ‘fake news’

Social media fuels a wave of lynchings 

Courageous Filipino fights back amid ‘anti-drugs’ bloodbath    

When the first drug war killing happened in her community, she shrugged it off. She even felt a twinge of hope that the addicts and small-time dealers would learn their lesson, be afraid, and give up their vice.

Beautiful game edges closer to redemption

Russia’s World Cup displays a few positives

King of the Ghats: life and death on the banks of the Ganges

It is well past midnight as Bahadur Choudhary, a fourth-generation caretaker of Varanasi’s ancient cremation grounds, sprinkles ceremonial butter on huge funeral pyres burning on the banks of the Ganges.

The role of Asean’s ports in China’s Belt and Road

China’s investments in deep-sea ports in Myanmar and Cambodia will provide critical links in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), but there are also concerns that they could give China undue economic leverage in the region.