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Update: Wed, Mar 27 2019    

Thailand's puzzling election results explained

Thailand's 2014 coup leader and junta chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha is one step closer to power after a shock election Sunday that lifted his party ahead in the popular vote.

Prayut to end his weekly TV programme on March 29

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who is also leader of the National Council of Peace and Order, said on Tuesday that he will stop delivering his weekly televised speech from March 29 onwards.

Democrats rule out joining Pheu Thai-led camp, while Bhumjaithai keeps powder dry over ‘swing’ intentions

Emerging as swing parties potentially supporting one of the two camps hoping to successfully form the next government, the Democrat Party has stated its strong stance against joining the pro-Shinawatra camp, while Bhumjaithai remains silent about which way it will lean.

Watchdog calls for EC to address flaws and issues, announce official election result as soon as possible

An international election-observer group on Tuesday urged the Election Commission to announce the official result of the general election as soon as possible, in order to ensure the transparency and integrity of the poll and prevent any suspicions escalating into distrust and conflict, particularly in regard to doubtful unofficial-votes counting.

EU lauds election as ‘important step’ towards democracy

The European Union [EU] has praised Sunday’s election in Thailand as an important step towards restoring a democratic form of governance.

Following one’s dreams is like flying a kite, says Prayut

Junta chief General Prayut Chan-o-cha on Tuesday dabbled in metaphor to convey the importance of following one’s hopes and dreams after his affiliated party won the popular vote in the recent general election.

Race to muster coalition

Pheu Thai and Phalang Pracharat both claim right to form government with support of likeminded parties

Spotlight on EC after dubious results

Jarungvith blames ‘human error’ as social media erupts with ridicule.

Election not free or fair, says poll monitor

ACCORDING to a key election monitor, Sunday’s election was not free or fair.

Loss not unexpected, say small parties as they vow to keep building voter base

Small parties have vowed to continue campaigning and slowly building support after failing to make much of an impression at the ballot box on Sunday.

Pro-junta party waters down Pheu Thai win in Northeast

THE GOVERNMENT’S populist policies and staunch support has helped pro-junta Phalang Pracharat snatch votes from the Shinawatra-backed Pheu Thai in the Northeast, a scholar from Mahasarakham University said yesterday.

Heavyweights bite the dust as fresh faces rise

SUNDAY’S election saw some shocking results with long-time political heavyweights knocked out by novices in their traditional strongholds.

Bangkok voters prove ‘unpredictable’

Phalang Pracharat, Future Forward make deep inroads, but Pheu Thai manages to maintain its position.

Future Forward fields party-list candidates from all walks of life

FUTURE FORWARD PARTY, which made a strong debut in Thailand’s political landscape, is grabbing people’s attention with its unusual party-list MP candidates.

Former PM Thaksin says Thai election 'rigged' and marred by 'irregularities'

Thailand's election was marred by "irregularities" and "rigged" to ensure the military retain their political grip on the kingdom, former premier Thaksin Shinawatra told AFP in an interview on Monday.

Thai embassy disappointed over voiding of advance votes

THE THAI EMBASSY in New Zealand has expressed disappointment over the possibility of advance votes by Thai expats in New Zealand being declared void, arguing that the votes were delivered in Thailand well before the counting of votes began.

Ballots from NZ arrived on Saturday, but officials only picked them up on morning of election: THAI chief

Thai Airways International (THAI) president Sumeth Damrongchaitham on Monday said the ballots from advance voting by Thais in New Zealand had arrived at the carrier’s cargo centre on Saturday evening, but no one came to pick them up until the morning of the election.

Two veteran Pheu Thai politicians lose seats in Khon Kaen

Two several-term MPs of the Pheu Thai Party suffered defeat to candidates from the Future Forward and Phalang Pracharat parties in Khon Kaen in Sunday’s general election.

Influential Kunplome family beaten on home ground

Ittipol Kunplome, an influential Chon Buri politician, suffered a shock defeat at the hands of a lesser-known Future Forward Party candidate.

Unofficial results show Pheu Thai a winner in Lower House

The Election Commission (EC) has just announced the official tally for constituency MPs, showing that Pheu Thai Party has won 137 of the 350 seats on offer.