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Update: Wed, Mar 21 2018    

Monkeys use tools to crack nuts, shuck oysters

Wild macaque monkeys have learned to use tools to crack open nuts and even shuck oysters, researchers said Wednesday, identifying a rare skill-set long thought to be the exclusive party trick of humans and chimps

Twitter shares plunge on Israel warning; Facebook dives

Twitter shares were hammered Tuesday following reports that Israel was weighing action against the company, adding to the growing woes of social media stocks.

AMD says patches on the way for flawed chips

Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday said patches are on the way for recently revealed flaws in some of its chips that could allow hackers to take over computers.

Data firm suspends CEO over Facebook scandal

Facebook expressed outrage Tuesday over the misuse of its data as Cambridge Analytica, the British firm at the centre of a major scandal rocking the social media giant, suspended its chief executive.

Uber self-driving car kills Arizona pedestrian

Ride-sharing giant Uber said Monday it is suspending use of self-driving cars after one of the vehicles struck and killed a pedestrian in the US state of Arizona.

From incubation to acceleration: How to get real about Thai start-ups

It’s time for Thailand’s digital ecosystem to aim higher.

CU NEX – a learning revolution in the digital world

As we become immersed in the digital era, novel digital technologies developed across myriad industries have brought about miraculous economic growth. Significant advancements have also been witnessed in education, too, inducing dramatic increases in both competition and opportunities for students, universities and other educational institutions.

Dream team with a dream 

KADE an example of how tech-savvy Thais are returning home to serve their compatriots

Raving over rating system  

Four-pillar tech evaluation adapts successful model from korea to boost funding access 

Huawei’s Y9 2018 quad-camera smartphone hits Thai market

Huawei has launched the Y9 2018 quad-camera smartphone, which comes with punchy specs priced at Bt6,990.

Privacy warning as 7-Eleven in Thailand to start scanning customer’s faces

7-Eleven is rolling out facial recognition technology to its 11,000 stores in Thailand.

Dtac Accelerate in joint move to boost start-ups

After five years helping 34 Thai start-ups to grow and succeed, dtac Accelerate says it has strengthened its “batch 6 accelerate program” with global partners Google and Line to bring Thai start-ups to the global market. 

Google guru Page tests flying taxis in New Zealand

Pilot-less flying taxis are being tested in New Zealand as part of a project backed by Google co-founder Larry Page that supporters say will revolutionise personal transport.

Hacked Japan crypto exchange refunds customers

Japan-based virtual currency exchange Coincheck said Tuesday it had refunded more than $440 million to customers following the hack of its systems, which was one of the largest thefts of its kind.

Internet overseers weigh website owner privacy

The group overseeing Internet addresses is scrambling to balance the privacy of website owners and the right to know who is behind online pages.

Facebook moves ahead on music with last major label deal

Facebook on Friday announced a licensing deal with Warner Music, the last of the major label groups to sign with the social media behemoth which is promising more personalized music.

Make use of hi-tech farming, says Brunei minister

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN - Farmers and entrepreneurs alike are encouraged to constantly innovate in managing farm and company operations.

DeepMind boss admits 'risks' of AI

Artificial intelligence offers huge scientific benefits but also brings risks depending on how it is used, Demis Hassabis, the head of leading British AI firm DeepMind, said Friday.

Amazon to quiet Alexa's cackling

Amazon on Wednesday promised to keep virtual assistant Alexa from spontaneously cackling, giving people eerie feelings about what the artificial intelligence might be plotting.

BlackBerry sues Facebook over messaging apps

Canadian telecommunications firm BlackBerry sued Facebook on Tuesday, accusing the American social media company of infringing on its patents for messaging apps.