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Update: Mon, Nov 29 2021    

As the Omicron variant sparks concern, experts say it's time for unvaccinated Americans to get their shots

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‘We will start again’: Afghan female MPs, now refugees, are still fighting for rights

Tourists Rush to South Africa Airport After Travel Bans Issued

The 'betrayal' that could kill Britain's railway romance

Saudi-led coalition launches airstrikes on Yemen's capital

Thank-you comments to YouTube and Omita for the world's first YouTube Game “YouTube Ice Cream Shop Game”

India’s Serum Institute Resumes Vaccine Exports to COVAX Vaccine Sharing Program

Death of South Korea’s Military Dictator Chun Leaves Tension Unresolved

At least 19 killed in bus crash in central Mexico

At least 19 dead, 32 injured after bus crash in Mexico

Canada issues weather 'red alert' for British Columbia

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Why wiping out Hong Kong's opposition may have cost China a whole generation in Taiwan

Dutch authorities: 61 people on 2 flights from South Africa positive for COVID-19; omicron variant not confirmed

Australia knows the horror of deaths at sea – and what happens when the response goes wrong

Concerns over COVID variant trigger more travel curbs on southern Africa

“中國創新”開展反腐培訓 樹清風 揚正氣

Omicron Covid variant: Greg Hunt backflips as Australia shuts border to southern Africa

Top U.S. diplomat for Asia to visit four ASEAN countries

Countries race to cut travel links with southern Africa, amid fears of omicron’s potential to spread

Widow of former South Korean dictator Chun Doo-hwan offers ‘deep apology’ for brutal rule

Australia sets out curbs for travellers from virus-hit southern Africa

Archaeologists unearth mummy estimated to be at least 800 years old in Peru

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Covid live: suspected Omicron case found in Germany; UK expert says pandemic ‘reboot’ unlikely

Will This Franco-Italian Bromance Save Europe?

Australia 0-3 USA: international women’s football friendly – as it happened

Charles Reed Cagle Discusses the Benefits of Cycling

Radio silence: Afghan stations are one more casualty of the Taliban

‘Everyone’s gagging for it’ – how Britain got high on nitrous oxide

Australian TV reporter Matt Doran gives lengthy on-air apology after he ‘insulted’ Adele

Omicron covid variant feared at Amsterdam airport as the Netherlands enters night-time lockdown

France says it is willing to discuss autonomy for Guadeloupe

Memes, merchandise and Mars cocktails: Russia’s mania for Elon Musk has no bounds

COVID-19-era Border Closures Stunt Business, Befitting China’s Aim of Self-Reliance

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South Sudan Update

Chaco Canyon’s Buffer Zone Issue With Oil And Gas Wells In New Mexico

ArtRevSol & DFE Present Mack Ben Widdit | "G-Fazos" | Music Service

Israel and Iran Broaden Cyberwar to Attack Civilian Targets

UN cites 'almost total' impunity in Mexico disappearances

Saudi-led coalition launches airstrikes on Yemen's capital

Can Japan’s new prime minister tackle income inequality?

Iran Forces Fire on Water Protesters in Most Violent Crackdown Since July

United States will bar travelers from 8 countries in southern Africa.

Netherlands Finds 61 Covid Cases on South Africa Flights

Iran Clamps Down on Protests Against Growing Water Shortages